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Grow your business using data

 LH Analytics is a small, affordable and friendly location data and analytics consultancy – working with you to help you find new opportunities for your organisation, and to grow your sales.

By giving you a detailed view of your customers, footfall and prospect potential, we will give clear insight on your growth potential.


Location intelligence


    We can help you answer questions, such as:
  • How can we identify places that would be good locations to open new stores, hubs or business sites?
  • What is the customer, footfall & population profile in my location?
  • Is my business performing well in a particular location?
  • Where do people travel from to get to my store? and what is the catchment market share for a particular site?
  • What is my customers spend and population catchments areas?
  • Can I predict sales for a potential  site?
  • How far will people travel to a new store or site?
  • How can I identify the most valuable prospects and opportunity?

Grow and retain customers

    We can help you answer questions, such as:
  • What do my customers look like?
  • How can I attract more customers?
  • Can I segment my audience to be more strategic with my marketing?
  • Are there any upsell and cross-sell opportunities?
  • How does my customer base behave, so I can adapt and optimise my offerings to keep their loyalty?
  • Are there triggers to cause my customers to churn?
  • Can I proactively identify those customers who are most likely to leave, so I can do something to stop them?

Understanding your customers

We can help you answer questions, such as:

  • Who are my most valuable customers?
  • What is the long-term value of my customer?
  • Are there new opportunities to attract prospective clients that look like my best customers? 
  • How can I maximise my return on investment (ROI) on my marketing, while reducing my marketing costs and increasing response rates?
  • Is my marketing working? And which channels and campaigns are working best?
  • Can I segment my customer base so I can be more strategic with brand proposition, marketing and product development?

Why work with LH Analytics?

We make sure to understand your organisation and the business problem so we provide you with invaluable information that can help you make strategic and operational decisions with confidence. 

We are adept at answering difficult business questions, such as ‘where is the business opportunity?’ and ‘who are my most valuable customers?’.

We’re also extremely flexible on how we work with you, so whether you need us for a one-off project, to provide ongoing support, or to offer some statistical analysis advice — we’ll fit around your needs.


Our statisticians belong to the Royal Statistical Society.


We’re qualified and have exacting standards.


We have a track record of driving results.

Maximise sales and optimise your business by understanding your customers’ behaviour

Testimonials & Featured Clients

"Laura is great to work with, very knowledgeable on how data works and has a super sharp analytical mind!”

Helen Oldfield, Marketing and Membership Director at Market Research Society (MRS)

“Laura is pragmatic, professional, and an experienced all-around analyst. She also brings commercial sensibility to whatever tasks she understands and consistently produces great results.”

Erin Brookes, Managing Director, Head of Retail & Consumer, Europe

“Laura is a methodical and diligent analyst and we were pleased to secure her help to develop a brief for a data partnership which has since been a success in part due to the way Laura synthesised the information for us in the early stages. Highly recommended."

Ben Stephenson, Placemaking consultant, High Streets Task Force Expert, Senior Fellow, Institute of Place Management & BID CEO

“Laura fitted in with our ethos and work ethic from the beginning and made a valued contribution to the team and wider division, She got stuck into some tough technical projects as well as coming across assured and professional to our senior stakeholders."

James Holden, Holland and Barrett

“I have worked with Laura on a number of projects and she is without doubt one of the most capable analysts I have ever had the pleasure of working with."

Steve Halsall, Red Tiger

“When I first met Laura I knew straight away that she was an excellent fit for our team, sharing our excitement about the future high street. Laura is steeped in the analytics of high street and has an affinity for the insight needs of the high street business owner. "

David Whiteley, COO ,

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